VDT Pre-Professional Program

*opportunity to perform in the Winter/Spring Productions

(Dancers can Audition for VDTPC Inspire, Evolve, Core)

Ages: 13+

VDT Pre-Pro Dancers study a pre-professional curriculum designed to prepare students for our Performance Company and professional dance after graduation. VDT Pre-Pro Dancers take at least 5 classes per week and focus on technique, performance quality, body awareness, strength and flexibility.

  • Intermediate/Advanced: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop,Acro, Contemporary


  • Ballet Int: Ages 13+, PreReq Ballet D or Instructor Permission, 3 Classes/Week +Pointe +Variations (optional)
  • Ballet Advanced: Ages 13+, PreReq Ballet Int or Director Permission, 3 Classes/Week + Pointe + Variations

Ballet is required for Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary & Acro Levels B/C/D/Int/Adv